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The Team around LES CON No.1

Anke Mielke


An enthusiastic networker who likes to bring women together to get things going. From organizing a lesbian regulars' table in Bonn to setting up a women's soccer leisure team with an international focus (Bonner Hofgartenkickerinnen) .

In addition to her sports activities, Anke Mielke was also involved in a year-long theater project of the Women's Museum in Bonn on the topic of "100 Years of Women's Suffrage in Europe". In addition, she was involved in the interests of cyclists at the ADFC Bonn and participated in various activities.


Her professional career began at Allianz with an apprenticeship as an insurance saleswoman. This was followed by further training as a business economist and recruiting specialist. Anke Mielke successfully applied her knowledge in a wide variety of industries and positions, including Ford Cologne, Citroen, Toshiba Tungaloy, Canada Life and AOK Systems. Her curiosity to learn new things led her to further education in the health sector, including SPA&Wellness Trainer and Certified Aquawellness Bodyworker as well as a Highperformance Leadership training in New York, Munich and Cape Town.
Since 2018 she lives with her partner Irene Xander in Cologne and supports women in their search for a partner with "Niewiedersingle".


Irene Xander

A passionate leader who gives people the power to integrate their passion into their business, creating a unique career and individual lifestyle. Most people and businesses are locally oriented - in the 21st century we need global orientation to play in the world! Irene Xander came to global business through her mentor, Sonja Becker, ran the Sage Theater in Times Square for some time lived in Manhattan for several years. Both in Cologne and New York, she led entrepreneurship schools for many years on starting and building businesses for women - Women as Entrepreneurs.


For more than 17 years Irene Xander has been leading worldwide High Performance Leadership Trainings of Wailea GmbH (Germany, New York, Indonesia and South Africa). She started as a mother of four children and teacher for early musical education in Southern Germany in the Swabian Alb. Later she sang as an internationally renowned opera singer with the three tenors of the Platinum Scala and André Rieu and since 2010 she is the managing director of the Wailea Music Academy GmbH in Cologne. Her passion is to bring out undreamt-of talents in people so that they can fully use their very own genius and play the great "game" that is inside them!


After 20 years of straight marriage, Irene Xander has been living in Cologne; since 2018 with her partner, Anke Mielke, with whom she supports women in their search for a partner under the title "Niewiedersingle", among other things.


Cornelia Wastian


One of her highest values is team. And she's been a team player since she was a child. Her brother took her to the soccer field. As soon as she could walk, she actively played on the pitch.

At the age of 16 she started her career as a player and coach, first in children's and youth volleyball, later in women's volleyball and soccer. She lives both actively and with great pleasure until today.

A few years ago, it was time - triggered by many years of management experience in a large, established insurance group, involved in national and international teams and various project management activities, as well as by coaching and leadership training - to live her own passion and competence more freely in her professional life outside the confines of a company.

After 16 years of employed leadership and team management, Cornelia Wastian took the leap into self-employment. Since then, new projects such as cooperative team plays have been created, e.g. her own comedy stage show "Wahnsinn gesucht - Dresscode Bademantel" (Insanity wanted - dress code bathrobe), together with Irene Xander the monthly parties for women "Women Beyond" at the Wailea Music Academy in Cologne. Hella von Sinnen was also a guest here and this visit resulted in a joint project: a reading with Hella von Sinnen for the benefit of the German Cancer Aid.  Together with her wife Sabine Hauswald, she founded the "AURANUM Health Center for Integrative and Complementary Medicine" in Herrsching am Ammersee. Cornelia Wastian regularly trains nationally and internationally on teamwork and leadership.